Writing Prompts: Polyped

This ‘word of the day’ prompt relates to wildlife, though it doesn’t have to relate to wildlife. A polyped is an animal or object with multiple legs. My mind immediately goes to creatures like centipedes and caterpillars. Ants, spiders, and numerous other living things would fall under this category. It ought to be noted that an octopus has eight arms, not legs, so I don’t think they’re classed as polypeds.

In fiction, you could label the creepy mechanical bugs from Stargate: SG1 as polypeds. The Replicators had six legs (sometimes more), and sci-fi is replete with multi-legged creatures.

There’s something a bit unsettling about the likes of centipedes and other creatures with lots of legs. I don’t think that’s why people have phobias of say, spiders, but maybe it’s part of the reason? All those little limbs, crawling all over you… eeeecccch. No thank you!

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