Writing Prompts: pluviophile

A pluviophile is a curious being, at least to this meerkat. They are someone who enjoys rain and rainy days. They are fascinated by the sight and sound of rain. In short, they could not be more different to how this ‘kat regards the falling wet stuff.

I don’t mind the rain on limited occasions, but for the most part, rain is associated with cold, miserable weather, much like the seemingly endless overcast, grey situation that made up April. I am struggling to understand how anyone enjoys such weather, though I don’t doubt that people do. After all, the word pluviophile exists for a reason, right? It’s a head-scratcher for me, but if you do enjoy the rain, and you don’t currently live in the UK, you might benefit from coming here. We have rain to spare (yet still have hosepipe bans in summer, go figure).

My guess would be that you want warm rain, check out places like Singapore, which is said to be pretty humid, all the time. If you don’t like rain at all, then short of the Sahara, I don’t know where you could go. I for one am looking outside the window, and hoping that the poor weather finally relents!

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