Writing Prompts: Piercings

To answer the question, no, I do not have any piercings. My wife considers piercings to be very sexy, but I am not brave enough to get one done! To be fair, at one point I’d have never considered tattoos, and now have several, but a piercing – especially of say, a nipple, or the tongue – that’s a no from me!

I’m not hanging around!

I will confess, I don’t find piercings to be especially attractive (whereas I find tattoos to be quite sexy). I won’t yuck someone else’s yum, if you like piercings, more power to you, but they’ve never appealed to me, either on someone else, or as something to apply to my body. Besides, knowing me, I’d forget to properly maintain the piercing, and the hole would close up!

Of course, the stigma around piercings is much like the stigma around tattoos. Some highly judgemental types will make a lot of assumptions about you if you have piercings, usually negative judgements. Body art has zero bearing on what someone is like as a person, and it is no one’s business what you do with your body. It’s well beyond the time that everyone understood that.

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