Writing Prompts: Nang Tani

The third exploration of mythical beings takes us to Cambodia, and the Nang Tani.

The Nang Tani is said to take the form of a young woman with thick black hair, usually wearing a traditional, green Thai costume, and her skin is said to have a slightly green appearance. She is also said to hover slightly above the ground, and she is usually found within clumps of wild banana trees. The Nang Tani’s association with these wild trees has led to the trees themselves not being found within villages, and the bananas of these trees are also inedible.

The Nang Tani is believed to be a mostly benign spirit, but it is also believed it may bring harm to men who have wronged women. It also considered to be a bad omen to cut trees the Nang Tani inhabits, and appeasing offerings to her often take the form of incense sticks, sweets, and flowers. It appears this particular mythical being is more pleasant than most!

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