Writing Prompts: Lilapsophobia

Lilapsophobia is the ‘irrational or disproportionate fear of hurricanes or tornadoes’.

I’m not sure if it’s actually irrational to fear a hurricane. These huge, powerful storms rip apart buildings, toss cars through the air as though they are toys, and often bring devastating floods in their wake. Granted, if you have a deep fear of one but live nowhere near tornado or hurricane territory, that could be considered a little weird, but it’s hardly unreasonable to respect nature’s wrath.

The other point I’d like to make is that whilst it would be very easy for me to judge another person’s fear, I do not know what has led that person to develop that fear. Fear – deep-seated phobias in particular – often doesn’t make sense to the observer, but without context, it is very unfair to criticise another person’s reaction. It might make no sense to have a phobia of say, oranges, yet some people absolutely do, and there will be a reason, a trigger if you will, that’s very real to them, and it would be unkind to trivialise it. We’re sadly all too good as a society at demeaning the experiences and emotions of others, and nothing positive comes from that.

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