Writing Prompts: In a Pickle

Hmm. Hmmmmmmm. I found this prompt via this post, and I am intrigued. In a pickle…

Whilst I haven’t watched it, I am familiar with Rick & Morty’s ‘Pickle Rick’, though I imagine the post is not drawing inspiration from that. It’s best to consider the most common use of the expression, which is to convey being in a spot of bother.

We all end up in mildly inconvenient situations. Quite recently, I locked us all out of our house. Not good. That definitely left us ‘in a pickle’. There was the time I turned on the kitchen tap, and it came away in my hand, and wouldn’t stop squirting everywhere. I had to stand there, and hold my hand over it, in a bid to stem the tide. Why are you sniggering?

Fortunately, these moments are not major sources of difficulty. I’ve had enough of those to last a lifetime!

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