Writing Prompts: Imugi

Continuing the alphabetical journey around the world, we arrive at Korea, and dissect the mysteries of the Imugi.

The Imugi are said to be ‘lesser dragons’, that can, depending on circumstances (and the exact interpretation of the legend) become the fully-fledged dragons of Korean and East Asian legend. Like their larger, more developed kin, Imugi are believed to be benevolent creatures, albeit with a few bad apples within the group. Also like their fully-formed kin, Imugi are believed to be associated with rivers and lakes, and are largely peaceful, though in desiring to become a dragon, some Imugi might become dangerous.

One mechanism by which an Imugi could become a dragon would be to survive 1,000 years, whilst another involves catching a Yeouiju (a form of wish-granting orb), which would occasionally fall from Heaven. Another version of the Imugi story suggests Imugi are cursed creatures, that can never become full dragons. I’d prefer to believe they are noble creatures, with the potential and opportunity to become their very best.

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