Writing Prompts: If you were given $10,000 and only an hour to spend it, how would you do it?

Well, firstly, I’d need to change the dollars into pounds, so if I had £10,000, what would I spend it on, given only an hour?

Well, I know of plenty of holiday ideas that I could blow £10,000 on, very easily. A trip to Disney World. A visit to Japan, a journey to Australia. Any of those voyages would be absolutely amazing. I could quite easily sink thousands of pounds into technology (a super-fast gaming laptop would never go amiss, nor a new TV with all the trimmings). It did occur to me that I could blow a lot of cash on food, but ten grand on food would be challenging, even for me.

Ultimately, a lot of how I would use such money would come down to consultations with my wife and daughter. A holiday would definitely be on the agenda, and a sizeable lump sum of cash into my daughter’s savings account would be a good idea. I still might treat us to that new TV though.

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