Writing Prompts: Haircuts

When I say I want to get a haircut, I actually want all of them cut!

(insert laughter)

Ahem. So, my hair is, at best, awkward when it’s long (or even semi-long). Over the last few years, it is also a lot greyer than it used to be (to use furry parlance, I am a greymuzzle). A haircut will disguise the grey to a point (though to be fair, vanity has never been a weakness of mine, so going grey isn’t a big deal), but more importantly, it will remove the mop of increasingly unkempt fluff upon my head.

When I get a haircut, I almost invariably go for a number 2 all over. In haircut speak, this means ‘very short’. I like my hair to be very short, because I don’t even need to think about doing anything special with it in the mornings. A quick wash is all that’s needed. Plus I like how it feels.

I don’t envy my wife and daughter. Their hair is so much longer, and the requirements for maintaining their hair are very different to mine. Washing requires both shampoo and conditioner (whereas a short buzz cut needs only shampoo), and maintenance involves a lot of brushing. Haircuts are more fiddly and time-consuming. I’m grateful that I can tackle my mop in fairly short order!

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