Writing Prompts: Flippin’

I am a sucker for a gadget. Recently I upgraded my phone to one of Samsung’s Z Flip Series, because A: it flips and B: uh, it flips! It also boasts a larger screen than my previous phone, and does represent somewhat improved hardware, though the other chief benefit is that overall, it’s cheaper. In an era where bills are going up, I’ve managed to negotiate a £30 reduction in my monthly bill with my phone provider. Sweet.

Is there any tangible benefit to the flipper? Well aside from the cost, a few weeks ago I accidentally pocket-dialled the emergency services, as somehow, the action of my inside trouser pocket rubbing on the screen was able to make a call. This was pretty mortifying, and whilst the operator was understanding, I could not apologise enough. It’s a bit more difficult to ‘hip dial’ with a flipper!

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