Writing Prompts: Farouche

I love this word. Farouche is a good word to say, and it reflects a mood that I dare say a lot of us (especially those of us working in retail) experience pretty much every day. It means ‘to be sullenly unsociable or shy’.

Haven’t we all felt the desire to avoid people? Sometimes we all want – indeed, need – our own time, on our own terms. We may be a bad mood, and therefore want to be left alone. We may not be a bad mood, but may not crave company, with all the chatter and expectation of conversation that comes with it. I know there are many occasions where I am not in the mood for customers, but my job doesn’t grant me the opportunity to avoid them, so I have to grit my teeth and get on with it.

The people I really feel for are the frequent flyers and regular train travellers. Imagine not feeling especially sociable, and not being in the mood for people, and being stuck on a plane or train (or coach, for that matter) with a bunch of loud, brash people. Being a flight attendant must at times be an absolute nightmare, for not only can you not escape irritating passengers or annoying little brats, you have to smile sweetly at them and play nice.

I think the world would be more bearable place if we could all appreciate that sometimes, we just need a bit of peace and quiet from other people.

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