Writing Prompts: Ever tried drafting a post while traveling? How did it work out for you?

I have often written bits and pieces of posts whilst on the move. Naturally this is easier when sitting down (on a bus or train), but I’ve been known to do so, even whilst walking. Obviously I’m using my phone to do this! Using the phone confers opportunities to take pictures of interesting situations/items, and immediately add them to a blog post. On the flipside, using the phone takes longer, for it’s more of a challenge to type. Content doesn’t always flow as naturally, though using the phone whilst out and about allows for instant posts, and the raw, original reactions to various scenarios. That can be a good or bad thing, depending on context.

To a point, a lot of the original work on The Awakening was done via the WordPress app on my phone. It wasn’t the best mechanism, but having the option enabled me to write down ideas and plot points that I might have forgotten by the time I got to a computer. I was able to use my phone to write during times that the laptop was occupied. Sure, a few typos slipped through the net, but the ability to write anywhere, and share anything, at any time, can be invaluable.

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