Writing Prompts: Efforts at Advertising

Believe it or not, this post relates to both my professional career as a bathroom sales consultant, and my efforts to promote my book. Lately, I have been looking at how I can help my store attract more customers, and I am always looking at how to promote my book. Accomplishing both in a way that makes a tangible difference? That’s the tricky part.

In both cases, you’re up against a lot of competition. In the case of my bathroom role, there are competitors, both online and in the local area, and then there’s the complication of other stores within the same company. This creates a bit of a problem. Other branches are competing with us, to a degree, for the same sets of customers. This never used to be an issue, but new branches opened up on either side of us, in locations that are arguably better suited to the industry.

A problem, or a challenge? Let’s call it a challenge. These other stores are rivals, friendly ones of course, but rivals nonetheless. To hold our own, we need to be bold and punchy. We need something to stand out. We’ll be brain-storming that one, but I have faith we can find a way to reach another level.

In some respects the book is easier. I can spread the word about it across social media, and I regularly do. I am hoping that by dropping the link into this very post, I could generate some interest. You never know.

However, recall what I mentioned about competition? I am up against a lot of other authors, many of whom will have considerably greater experience and exposure, and so standing out can be a tricky prospect here as well. I can spend money on advertising via Facebook, but I don’t have a lot of resources to devote to such a task. If I can rake in more commission selling bathrooms, then that may change.

In other respects, the bathroom stuff is easier. There is a team of us, and we can call upon head office to help us out with promoting Facebook posts. I strongly suspect they’ll be called upon to do exactly that, very soon.

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