Writing Prompts: Disprove a Theory or Myth

planet earth
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

One of the interesting things about this prompt, is that the site suggests flat earth theory is losing traction. Maybe it is, but it remains a bizarrely popular idea, despite mountains of evidence that debunks the idea.

I’ve written, quite extensively, about this subject, on more than one occasion (each link to a different post). There is quite the dearth of knowledge among flat-earthers, despite proclamations that everything verifying a globe is somehow a logical fallacy. Ignorance is rarely, if ever, a hindrance to proponents of this idea, and often, flat-earthers sum up the idea of a confirmation bias. Anything that might serve to contradict the conspiracy is waved away, ignored, or ridiculed. So much of their willingness to ignore evidence and science comes from a lack of understanding of science, even though numerous efforts from the ancient world, using the tools and mathematical skills of the time, reached conclusions that largely agree with satellite observations.

There is the question – that most flat-earthers are unwilling to answer, or even try to answer – as to why a conspiracy, stretching hundreds, perhaps even thousands of years, would exist, to hide the true form of the earth. Who benefits from this? How would such a conspiracy remain intact, when it would have to involve hundreds of thousands of people, and over history, perhaps millions of people? There’s no logical basis for the conspiracy to exist.

What I would say is, check out what I’ve written before, and check out the links and quotes contained within my posts. Don’t be so arrogant as to believe that just because you cannot see or ‘perceive’ something, it is not real or viable. It is not without irony that a number of flat-earthers are devout religious believers, who accept without question the ethereal, intangible, unprovable concept of God, yet deny the earth is a globe, because they believe they should question ethereal, intangible concepts.

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