Writing Prompts: Describe your Life in an Alternate Universe

Do I get to pick the universe? Can I choose multiple universes? Well, whether I can or can’t, I’m going to do anyway.

Doctor Who

Aside from the strong possibility of dying at the hands of any one of a variety of monsters, I don’t think my life would be substantially different.

Star Wars

There’s no telling how I’d get on here. I’d probably try to fly under the Empire’s radar, and live as quiet a life as possible, but in a galaxy that’s constantly at war, the odds are I’d end up caught up in the middle of some horrible conflict. I’d like to think I’d shelter any rebels to come my way.

Star Trek

Would I join Starfleet, and travel the galaxy? I’d like to, but I don’t think I have the co-ordination or talent to be a good addition to the fleet. I suspect, aside from having a futuristic background to my life, my life wouldn’t be all that different.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Again, nothing especially drastic changes for me, though I’d quietly hope some super-soldier serum dropped my way, because it would nice to feel strong for once!

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