Writing Prompts: Create a Parody

Ok, so, bear with me here. I am inspired by what’s on TV as I type. My wife is watching UK’s Strongest Man, so… UK’s Weakest Man! I might actually win this one…

I don’t think there’s much mileage in that idea, so let’s think of something else.

Four Days at Denise’s? You spend four carefree days surrounded by unbearably cutesy teddies, and you yearn to retire to the night, where you embrace the macabre?

The Meerkat Pauper (all too close to real life), about a royal meerkat who discovers he is in fact, not really royalty, and gets to escape the faux praise and slavish attention, in order to live a normal life?

I’m out of gas on this one. I cannot think of comedy.

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