Writing Prompts: Christmas Scents

A pleasant aroma drifts from the Meery Christmas Calendar. You open door number 22, and behind it, is a scented candle. Today is all about how Christmas smells.

There is a certain wonderful scent in the air with Christmas. I cannot put my finger on it. There’s a… warmth to it. Think of the mulled wine, the Christmas Pudding, the plum and spices, the wines and the food, it all conspires to give Christmas its own lovely, distinctive smell.

Smells tend to become associated with memories, and the sort of scents that fill the air around Christmas time become connected (hopefully) to good memories. I am very aware that Christmas can sometimes be a painful time of year, but for me, it is a good time of year, filled with happy, often joyful memories, and the aromas that remind me of Christmas help to remind me of those good, happy times. A lone candle can sometimes provide the sort of scent that soothes the soul, and reminds me that Christmas is coming.

I love it. What more can I say?

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