Writing Prompts: Christmas Decorations

We peel back the door of the Meery Christmas Advent Calendar… and today, it’s decorations!

Now, I would say I have something of a love/hate relationship with decorations. I love to look at them. The streamers, the lights, the tree, in their colours of gold, green, red, purple, blue, and more… they are gorgeous to look at. What’s less fun is the process of getting into the loft, scrambling to find everything, hoping the decorations have survived, and then putting everything up. Mind you, I don’t mind doing the decorating to a point. It’s really just the faffing around in the loft bit that grinds my gears.

For that same reason, the process of removing all the decorations annoys me, and it’s also a little sad, because that usually signifies the end of the festive season. There’s no escaping the end of it all, and there’s escaping having to find a safe hiding place for everything until the following year! Ah well, it is what it is, and the decorations are still a beautiful part of the Christmas experience!

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