Writing Prompts: Christmas Clothes

I peel back the door of the 20th day, and the Meery Christmas Advent Calendar reveals to me… Christmas clothing!

It is virtually a tradition of many a UK workplace to have a ‘Christmas Jumper Day’, irrespective of the line of work. Be it office work, be it retail, virtually everywhere has such a thing.

Sometimes this is in aid of charity, and I can hardly complain about that, even if I am not especially given to wearing Christmas clothing. I am unusually adverse to it this year, on account of my wife dreaming I would die whilst wearing a red jumper, and I happen to have a red Christmas jumper in my wardrobe, which is going unworn forever. If I am to wear a Christmas t-shirt or jumper, I am content with green, or gold, or blue, but not red.

In general terms, I am not a jumper person. I overheat too easily, even in colder weather. Christmas t-shirts don’t seem to be as popular a thing as jumpers, so even if I wanted to wear Christmas clothing, my options are limited. Instead, I’m more inclined to wrap myself in tinsel. That counts, right?

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