Writing Prompts: Christmas at School

Behind the 18th door of the Meery Christmas Advent Calendar is something that can chill me to the bone, even more than 20 years after the fact: school memories!

To be fair, these are not actually that bad, and to be equally fair, my memory of Christmas at school is quite hazy. Much of what I recall revolves around special school dinners, and they, much like the mass-produced meals provided by hotels and restaurants around Christmas, are distinguished only by how samey they were. In the 1990s (when this cub was in senior school), the school hall became a makeshift dining hall, and I cannot remember much, even of those occasions. There was probably some party music, and crackers, and stuff like like that, and I’m sure some of the school dinners were cute, but my lack of memory of them probably goes to show that I did not care for them. My enjoyment of Christmas and my experiences at school appear to have been compartmentalised. That is probably for the best!

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