Writing Prompts: Celebrate an Anniversary

Ah, now, is this a sign of the prompt site being clever? There are quite a few anniversaries that are significant to me, but I am not going to name dates. You never know how people much use that information!

Phishing considerations aside, what would I celebrate? What is of particular importance to me? There are some standout candidates.

There is my daughter’s birthday. If there is ever a means to bottle and preserve our memories, I would want my memory of her birth to be one of the ones I save forever. My wife was an absolute trooper throughout a long, and challenging labour, and then came the moment. I felt like I’d been waiting, not just over the course of the day, or the course of my wife’s pregnancy, but my entire life for my daughter’s arrival. When I laid eyes on her for the first time, my heart could have burst from joy and emotion. She was so tiny, yet as I held her, and saw her face, and got to introduce myself to her, I was overwhelmed by how beautiful and amazing she was.

My wedding day was a wonderful day, so naturally it’s a good anniversary. It was a nice afternoon, surrounded by family and friends, with plenty of good food and drink!

There are poignant anniversaries. The passing of my Nan, and the passing of my Grandad. There will never come a time when I don’t miss them, but there is something worth considering. Their lives are to be celebrated. They live on in those that follow them.

There are simpler, more personal anniversaries. The first birthday that I shared with my wife was a wonderful, if somewhat frantic day in London, involving mixed-up hotel bookings, chaotic taxis, and a dash to the Lyceum Theatre, to see The Lion King Musical. The sweeping, epic, gorgeous extravaganza still counts as one of the most wonderful birthday gifts I have ever received. It is a good memory.

How about the fancy dinner at a local Italian restaurant? One day, my wife received an invitation from the restaurant to try out a new menu. We only had to pay for drinks, which is always quite a nice occasion! My daughter was only five or six at the time, and she insisted upon getting dressed up! So, we got dressed up, and enjoyed Italian food, and I accidentally enjoyed a mushroom-based dish!

Sometimes, it’s the memories of the small things, the little moments, that I treasure as much as anything else.

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