Writing Prompts: 69

No, it’s not that, so don’t go there. I decided to take a random number (ahem), find the relevant post, and post about it. It turns out the 69th post on Meerkat Musings was about Nintendo, and why I love Nintendo.

Except, the post was merely to direct people to the page on the subject (it’s rare I do set pages these days, though they still pop up, from time to time). In one sense, the blog post was quite lazy.

So, Nintendo (I bet a lot of you clicked on this post expecting – or even hoping – for something else). The venerable video game giant is responsible for some of my greatest gaming memories. I still replay A Link to the Past, and I have recently been replaying Super Mario World. Both games harken back to the SNES era, which remains (to me at least) the greatest of Nintendo’s eras. There is something timeless about those games, and perhaps they still feel magical to me now, because of the fond youthful memories they provoke.

It isn’t all about that time. The Nintendo 64 produced some epic games too. I loved Star Fox 64 (as I did the original). Interesting detail: in the UK Star Fox 64 was known as Lylat Wars (urgh) due to copyright issues with the name Star Wing, which was what the SNES game was called in the UK, due to copyright issues with the name Star Fox. It took a while before all the wrangles got sorted out.

Who can forget Goldeneye 64? This was a great game, especially if you had mates round for some multiplayer action. I thoroughly enjoyed that game, as I have many other Nintendo titles. Don’t get me wrong, I have a fair appreciation for Sega, and for for that matter, the PlayStation series (I am less fussed by the Xbox), and I have been known to dabble in PC gaming, but to me, nothing beats the timeless and glorious Nintendo.

Wow, got a lot of mileage out of 69, didn’t I?

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