Wanting Sex makes a Woman a….

Well, the answer should be a normal person. Apparently, having sex makes a woman a slut if it’s a one-off thing that’s purely about the sex. Now, some warning, there is discussion here about Star Trek: Picard, so expect spoilers.

When I asked Wes how she was a slut, I got this reply…


As the conversation progressed, I got this ‘witty’ remark…

And apparently not knowing the, guy’s name was crucial to this judgemental attitude.

When I asked…

… I received a meaningless evasion of an answer.

In fact, repeatedly pressing Wes on his attitude about two adults having casual sex making it appropriate to label them in derogatory fashions met with no justification for it! Shocker eh?

This kind of antiquated attitude (which Wes would later try to say was fine, for he applies it to men too – weak argument but there you go) is beyond tired now. Women get shamed for not wanting sex, they get shamed for wanting sex – can we just admit this is about controlling women’s behaviour for the benefit of men?

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