Video Nasty

It’s long been an ambition of mine to make videos to accompany this website. I have a camera so I can record video, and I have a phone that can record audio, should I prefer to make podcasts instead. Now, when it comes to video, I’m not especially keen to put my ugly mug up there for the world to see, so I prefer to overlay another image upon the video (it’s a bit more interesting than watching my lips move for several minutes). You would think this would be easy (and I’ve done it before), but YouTube itself doesn’t have this simply facility, and most video editing software is horribly complicated (not to mention a lot of them you need to pay for, and I’m stingy, so I won’t).

I don’t understand why YouTube can’t introduce a simple drag-and-drop system for this. It can be done, but via a fiddly, complex system of cutting and editing – I don’t have patience for that – come on YouTube, figure it out!

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