Vaccines Work

I’m probably known by now (insofar that I am known) for butting heads with some anti-scientific zealots. I’ve contended with flat-earthers, science deniers and faith healing advocates. It’s on the last subject that a particular connection can be found with this post.

Please note that I am not saying vaccines are risk-free, however consider their benefits. The smallpox vaccination programme virtually eliminated a disease that killed 30% of those who caught it and often crippled survivors. It proved successful in 95% of recipients with 2% of recipients having severe adverse reactions to it. That has to be considered a win right?

There are other examples. Measles, whilst not often fatal, can cause blindness and other complications. A vaccination programme from 2000 to 2017 reduced the mortality rate by 80%. Vaccines work, so can we please abandon the conspiracy theories and lunacy that encourages people to reject them?

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