Understanding what Empirical Means

David Thiessen has fired a shot at a recent post of mine (even though it didn’t involve him, what a shock). His post waffles about objective evidence, and then spins off into the topic of morality, which I didn’t even bring up in my most recent riposte with Silence of Mind. He’s picked a bad time to once again involve him in something that has nothing to do with him, for I am not in a good mood.

This is the mantra of many who do not believe. They feel that science is the authority even though no objective authority declared science to be the authority by which all things can be determined.

This type of thinking always demands scientific evidence even though any supernatural being could not be studied by science at any time. Science is the study of natural things not supernatural. This design eliminates and disqualifies any supposed scientific evidence contrary to the biblical record.

David has things backwards. The Biblical record is disqualified from providing us with actual, Empirical, verifiable evidence, because scientific study and endeavours have found many reasons why the Bible is not literal truth (the Bible is no more a source of objectivity than any other religious text). The supernatural events described cannot be verified, and are contradicted by both other religious texts, and by what we can observe and deduce.

The American Heritage Dictionary defines empirical science as:

  1. Relying on or derived from observation or experiment.
  2. Verifiable or provable by means of observation or experiment.
  3. Guided by practical experience and not theory, especially in medicine.

Yet, the person who created the following statement

To date, there is no actual, verifiable, Empirical evidence for the existence of the supernatural (source)

ignores the very physical evidence that can be seen through observation. The changed lives of countless millions of people are observable evidence. Miracles that doctors have witnessed are observable evidence.

It’s not ‘physical evidence’. There is no observed evidence for a miracle. Claims of such things usually have logical, scientific explanations. On occasions where we don’t yet have explanations, they are merely waiting to be found, yet David would have us automatically attribute them to his version of the Christian version of God – something that would come entirely down to faith, not Empirically-derived fact.

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