Twisted Fantasies

Remember Oliver Franke, aka Divine Guardian? You know, the guy who claimed inside knowledge of the demise of Star Trek Discovery, over and over again… only to be wrong, on every occasion? Well he’s sharing some stuff from Bounding into Clickbait (sorry, that’s Bounding into Comics), concerning claims of bullying behind the scenes of DSC.

Considering Oliver’s history of… well, we won’t call it lying, we’ll just call it being wrong – why should we take his highly inflammatory allegations seriously? See below…

These are extremely serious claims to make about someone. There is not, to my knowledge, the slightest bit of evidence to back up what Oliver is saying. At best, Oliver is regurgitating a rumour or lie he heard elsewhere. At worst, he is making shit up – either way, spreading this kind of allegation on social media can easily be taken as a matter of libel/slander.

Some people, if they don’t like a TV show, shrug their shoulders and move on. Others, like Oliver, seem to be on a Holy Crusade, and in the name of that crusade they’re prepared to come up with some crude and deceitful stories. My gauntlet to Oliver, if he should read this, is to have the conviction and courage to, for once, back up his claims, or retract them.

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