Trump’s Bloodbath

Recently, Donald Trump has issued a chilling statement. He is once again pre-emptively poisoning the well, and implying violence if results at the election in November do not go his way. He has also made some peculiar claims about ‘Biden beating Obama’ in an election, which is not the first time that Trump has confused Biden with Obama. It’s rather ironic for Trump and his supporters to call into question President Biden’s cognitive faculties, given Trump’s increasingly unusual and inaccurate claims. Then again, Trump could simply be lying.

His warning of a ‘bloodbath’ is an altogether different message, designed to subvert the democratic process. He is no doubt trying to convince the electorate of fraud (something his own team found no evidence for last time), and he will whip his fans into such a frenzy that there could yet be a repeat of the dreadful scenes on Jan 6th. Trump would welcome this, and it provides him with the chance to plant dangerous seeds in the minds of his followers. He will ensure that they will cry foul, and reject any result they do not want (such as what happened last time, with many of his fans repeating his disproven claims of fraud).

If Trump should lose, he will guaranteed the continued polarisation of the USA in no uncertain terms. He is creating the conditions for ensuring election results are never accepted, not unless they are in his favour. He does not care that he is undermining the democratic process. His supporters cannot see the wood for the trees where he is concerned, so he knows he will get away with what he’s doing. If Trump should win, he’s given the green light to his buddy Putin to do whatever he wants, regardless of international treaties and common decency. It seems it will be a bloodbath, at Trump’s behest, either way.

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