Tory Party

We have a vivid demonstration here of how the Tories believe the rules – their rules – do not apply to them. At least one of the alleged Christmas parties is confirmed to have taken place, and it appears there were several ‘gatherings‘. At least one of these took place at 10 Downing Street, the Prime Minister’s official residence, yet Boris Johnson is feigning ignorance about it all, claiming to be as outraged as the rest of us. Yeah, and I have land on Mars to sell to you.

This is the true face of this Tory party. This is the contempt in which they hold the rest of us. During a time where people could not meet with loved ones, or even say goodbye to loved ones who were dying, Tories were swigging back wine and cheese. Any trust that might have existed should be vanquished now. Johnson, as the head of the party, should resign. His MPs take their cue from him and his ministers. It’s been one fuck-up after another with this lot, and this latest, deliberate breaking of the rules means no one is going to follow the pandemic rules. Yes, we absolutely should follow the rules and police ourselves – but millions of people aren’t going to. If the government can’t be arsed, why should anyone else? That is the legacy of this, and it will make things worse, much like every other legacy of Boris Johnson’s Tories.

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