Too Funny, P2

Leave it to David Thiessen to choose strange hills upon which to fail.

Leave it to the unbelievers to make false accusations and ignore the reality of what took place. We are not techno experts and sometimes when we use technology, things mess up. But leave it to MM to make false accusations because he can:

has written a couple of posts that relate to my material, but has decided against providing direct links, and even giving credit where it’s due. So, he’s gone from not even being capable of using my name, to not even linking to my site when he quotes me, to not even acknowledging that he’s quoting me!

It turns out after checking, that we can’t link to his website using the technological aid we have been using. It is a simple mistake but leave it to MM to make a mountain out of a molehill.

Instead of telling us, there was a problem with the links, he leaps to a faulty conclusion and points a finger where a finger should not be pointed. We read his post and we checked so that is how we found out. Having people make such false accusations makes us go slowly to repair the links.

Maybe MM should learn how to give the benefit of the doubt until he hears the truth.

Creating a link to someone’s site is as simple as copying and pasting the link! There’s no complex procedure here, and David’s made use of it before, so I find this whole matter rather dubious. Between the curious links to a site all about circumventing stuff, and his unwillingness to even name me at all in his last post, what benefit of the doubt does David think he’s owed? He’s the master of distortion, and has not proven himself to be trustworthy, and until such a time that he proves otherwise, I’ll have to take his claims of technological problems with a grain of salt – I mean, like I said, how hard is it to copy and paste a link, especially with WordPress?!

UPDATE 12/11/22: David updated his post with the following:

This just in

MM replied to our comment above and like a true unbeliever, he condemns without knowing any or all of the facts. The owner of MM should know better than to do that as he demands that Christians do better when he makes mistakes.

At best both MM and BG website owners are hypcorites.

What a load of waffle. As I said earlier, copying and pasting a link is not difficult (it’s how I link to David’s posts, and how Bruce and I link to each other’s posts). David’s managed it before, so the sudden shift to this proxy site remains suspicious to me, especially given how untrustworthy and misleading David has proven himself to be.

In another post of his, David bemoans the apparent bad behaviour of Bruce and I:


#1. BG’s website- we are not linking to the BG or MM websites anymore. We will just acknowledge their words as they have shown they can do nothing but insult., attack, and cause harm to those they disagree with.

We have nothing more to say to them but we will keep looking at their websites to find material we can use here

Oh the irony. David has attacked Bruce’s character more times than I can count, and it is clearly obvious that Bruce is open and honest, whilst David takes steps to evade scrutiny. In yet another post (David is now slipping in comments and replies to Bruce and I via seemingly unrelated posts, in a bid to hide his replies from us), he had this to say:

As a side note

MM could not wait to pen his reply last night to part two of our Empirical Evidence post. As usual, it was filled with denial and the usual making science the authority over od, etc. it was a waste of time to read so we did not read it nor are we answering it directly.

But one thing that has bothered us is that both MM and BG make everything we write personal to them. They continue to use our wrong name as if to get a rise out of us. But their disrespect undermines their points of view.

If they had stopped to think about it, our use of initials was not personal. MM stands for Meerkat Musings which indicates that we are not addressing the person writing the content. Instead, we are addressing the content only and have left all personal aspects out of our own content.

The same for BG. His website is titled ‘The Life and Times of Bruce Gerencser’ So our use of initials again only refer to the website content, not the man behind it. But they do not think about these details in their haste to try and do everything they accuse us of doing to them.

But expecting rational and polite behavior from unbelievers is an unrealistic hope. As we read their content and responses, they are the ones making it personal, not us. But we will try to ignore their badly written responses and focus on the content we can use here.

Unbelievers have nothing to offer the believer except destruction. The believer needs to be warned about them and their views.

His admission that he isn’t reading rebuttals is quite telling. His moaning about disrespect is ironic and hypocritical. If David wants to be called David, he can call me Ben and call Bruce Bruce! His claims to not get personal are lies. In the past David has left insults for me in the comments on my site, and even attacked my parenting skills (which is even more ironic, considering David’s history). His attacks on Bruce are endless.

There is a classic rule in life – treat others as you would like to be treated. David can bemoan the lack of respect he gets, but that is a reflection of how he treats others. Right from the start, David was deceiving and lying, and I have not forgotten this. If he wants to be treated with respect, he can show some respect. That is a reasonable request.

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