This Meerkat Talks Books!

Don’t you just love books?

Sooo… we have here another regular series, designed to offer support and attention to authors, mainly of science fiction but certainly not limited to that. However, to begin with, I’ll certainly be looking at a few sci-fi stories that are, to me, worth a look.

First up, are you looking for a series? Do you want swashbuckling adventure, rogues, pirates, war and friendship? Look no further than Destiny Lost by M. D. Cooper, New York Times bestselling author!

Destiny Lost has some stellar reviews!

Often people think sci-fi and romance are two territories that don’t really go together. Personally, I disagree, having read enough sci-fi to know that the genre can incorporate many other genres. Case in point, from Aurora Springer comes a compilation of four very different sci-fi stories, from superheroes, to the oceans of Europa, and the galaxy at large. Fantastic Firsts offers up a lot of variety!

Who says space can’t be romantic?!

Last but certainly not least comes Archangel Down, the first part of a multi-book series from G Cockel. Missing time, secret projects and the fate of millions form this particular tale!

Secret plots, people thrown together by fate, and a desperate pursuit. Can millions be saved?
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