This Meerkat Talks Books!

Welcome to Tuesday 13th October, and being a Tuesday, that means it’s time for another book blast/blog/b…. something beginning with B!

First up, how about some Biblical fantasy from Sabrina Oyinloye?

Remiel is both a fallen Watcher and an Archangel in the apocryphal Book of Enoch. The watchers are angels dispatched to Earth to watch over the humans. They soon begin to lust for human women and, at the prodding of their leader Samyaza, defect en masse to instruct humanity and procreate among them criminally. For this, the watchers were bound ‘In the valleys of the Earth’ until Judgment Day. 
In this first series of the realm surfer, the condemned fallen angels found their way out of their bondage and sought revenge over Ramiel for his betrayal. Would they succeed? 

Behind Blue Eyes, from Anna Mocikat, is a cyberpunk thriller!

Welcome to the year 2095.

Society has overcome everything that made human life miserable. It has become perfect — so perfect that it needs killer cyborgs to hunt down anyone who disagrees with it.

Nephilim isn’t just any elite death squad member, she is the best. Genetically and cybernetically enhanced, she and others like her strike terror wherever they go. Knowing nothing besides this lifestyle, Nephilim believes that she’s part of a righteous cause.
 But everything changes for her after a hostile EMP attack. She suffers a severe system glitch. Disconnected from the grid, for the first time in her life, she begins doubting the system. 

Shortly after the attack, she meets Jake, a 100% biological human. He helps her discover that everything she had believed in was a lie.

But who is Jake really? Can he be trusted, or does he play his own game? Nephilim discovers that there is no walking away from the”perfect” system, and soon finds herself hunted by members of her own deathsquad…

Behind Blue Eyes is a fast-paced, cinematic action story ina dystopian setting. It’s a modern-day version of 1984 – on steroids.

From Bryan Quinn comes The Package – a story of murder and conspiracy!

There aren’t many things in this world Marco Arrigoni would kill for, but there are even fewer things he would die for. The secret of THE PACKAGE is one of them.
All hell breaks loose in Istanbul when Marco, a jaded priest, unearths in the subterranean depths of his medieval church a long-forgotten tomb containing incontrovertible evidence of an explosive conspiracy stretching back millennia. He joins forces with his friend and secret love, Aysel Bigili, an archeologist, to authenticate his find. Before long, they find themselves on a collision course with a ruthless enemy in the Vatican who will stop at nothing to prevent the truth of his epic discovery from ever seeing the light of day. Wrenched into a world of violence unprepared, Marco and Aysel are forced to battle wits with a fanatical adversary in the cause of truth, a truth so shocking that, if revealed,will demolish the very foundations of his faith and alter the destiny of humanity forever.

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