There are wolves after me

No, not literally people. I’m not facing off against wild animals. At least, not yet. Given the insanity of 2020, all things are possible, but for now there are no feral canines wandering local streets. For now.

Instead, wolves appeared in my crazy dream last night, a dream I am still processing. It might best be described as a cross between Stargate and Alice in Wonderland. Yes, seriously.

Yes, I know, it’s a very weird combination. Let me explain. It began with myself (as scientist Rodney McKay) being denied my usual full priveliges within Stargate Command. Several arguments and button-pressing moments later, a rift opens up in earth’s atmosphere above the base and a gigantic ring of razor-sharp teeth begins to descend, slowly and menacingly. Cue me (as McKay) getting more and more animated as I urge my colleagues to shut down whatever experiment is causing the rift. Eventually the rift closes, taking the huge teeth ring with it.

Relief turns to work, as in I’m back at my old office supply retail job, manning a till. This is a bit out of left-field.

After a few quick discussions about getting ready for work I went to the back of the store, which had transformed itself into a wide open field lined with trees on one side and a deep river on the other. We needed to cross via means of a rather vicious-looking thorn bush, which after a bit of debate had suddenly became a sedate path over the dangerous waters.

It’s around about now that I sensed the presence of a wolf, stalking and hunting me. I had a couple of Stargate-related companions to help me deal with the thorns/river, but as I entered a house (which had appeared out of nowhere) they were gone. I rounded a corner and then the lights went out, and behind me I could make out the silhouette of the wolf. It was getting ready to pounce, so instead I shouted at it, posturing as ferociously as I could. The wolf appeared to back down, and then I woke up.

Make sense of that!

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