‘There are no such things as Neanderthals or Denisovans’

Apparently secular science (a bit of a misleading term in itself since science doesn’t conform to any belief structure) is lying to us. It dares to suggest that we evolved, and that we share a common ancestry with other hominids. It’s all one big fabrication!


Wait, what?

Don’t worry, I don’t actually believe that. Not by a long shot. Unfortunately, our good friend TB from Theology Archaeology does, and this is the argument he has put forward in one of his recent posts. I quote:

Secularists complain that Christians are against science but in reality we are against the lies that secular science tells and this one is a whopper. There are no such things as Neanderthals or Denisovans, those groups of supposed people are mere figments of the scientific imagination. Someone once said that if you knew a subject well enough, you can confuse anybody well that is what the secular scientist is doing. They are using their scientific language and theories to confuse the world.

Emphasis mine, largely highlighted for irony. People who study any given subject (especially for years, as their profession) will know their subject! If a layperson is confused by the evidence (and the theories that come from that evidence) it’s hardly the fault of science or the scientist! It’s not some conspiracy to deny Biblical truth – it’s instead a desire to learn about the world around us, and if what we learn should contradict the most rigid, literal interpretation of one religious document out of many, who is actually lying?

I should point out that I am not saying ‘don’t read from the Bible, ignore all its messages’. I warn against taking it literally, especially when a literal interpretation will have irrevocable differences to several scientific fields. The use of pseudo-scientific terms and methods (a hallmark of creationists) is extremely damaging to the pursuit of real science and real scientific education, for it is those who are in fact ignorant of science (hence their efforts to inject religious beliefs into it) who are trying to confuse the world.

I could go on at great length, but my advice to you is to do some research of your own, and decide for yourself.

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