The World War II ‘Narrative’

Over on the Coalition website, I recently dismantled a few arguments made by a Holocaust denier, and now, on the course of my web travels, I’ve stumbled across a site that suggests everything we know and understand of Hitler and the Nazis was wrong. Let’s take a look shall we?

The following is quoted from Larry’s Musings, in accordance with Fair Use Law. Larry’s writings will be in quotations and also coloured purple. He asks ‘could the WWII narrative be false’?

Yes, it could be, and in fact, it is false.  That is my personal conclusion (and I am not alone in that conclusion) after having studied the period (1930s and 1940s) rather extensively since the early 1990s.

Having arrived at my conclusion some years back, and with more recently published, thoroughly researched, revisionist works having bolstered my confidence in the accuracy (correctness) of my conclusion, I am forced to ask: What else have we been lied to about in the Western world during the past century or more?  (Some months back, we posted an essay about many of the lies that Americans have largely accepted without questioning.)

This is all just food for thought, and an invitation to concerned and interested readers to educate themselves and retain a healthy skepticism towards official narratives.

What is the established, understood history? Well, it is well-known that Hitler sought to strengthen Germany following many years of tremendous social and economic problems in the aftermath of WWI. Germany lost a lot of territory due to the Treaty of Versailles, and the Weimar Republic was a government in turmoil almost from the very beginnings of its formation, at the end of WWI. Nationalism was on the rise in Europe in the years between the wars, especially among the embittered citizens of the losing sides of the first war. Many Germans were angry at the economic sanctions their country faced, and to be fair, the seeds were sown for someone like Hitler (who appealed to nationalism) to take power. However this doesn’t absolve Hitler of responsibility for starting World War II.

The World War II official narrative is largely self-serving victors’ propaganda.  And, this raises the issue of an ingrained anti-German bias in Western historiography.  Of what value is “history” if it is not objective and if it buries important facts?  If the history that is put into the text books is propaganda, then the so-called historians are liars (guilty of all 3 forms of a lie).  Now, to be fair, many of these writers of history have not dared to question and dig deep to get at the truth as that means not having any publishers take their work to press.  As well, such free thinkers daring to question official narratives do not get tenure at leading institutions of higher learning in the West.  (Yes, we also have complaints with higher education today as it has become indoctrination.  But, we have already posted on that years back.)  But, if we are to excuse the propagators of lies for the reasons above, then we must conclude these practitioners of history are not interested in the truth and are also quite cowardly.  Oh, you say in their defense that they were not aware of inconvenient truths about the period.  Then, they are incompetent as historians by relying on flawed, truncated and biased source material.  Or, are they just plain lazy?

Moving forward into Larry’s article, he doesn’t actually present any sources that provide additional information or provide validity to his claims here. He may provide sources in the comments, I haven’t dug that far yet.

The truth that no one is allowed to think in the West without risking being smeared as a “Nazi” or an “anti-Semite” is that Hitler made many very reasonable peace proposals both before and after the outbreak of war in Europe in September, 1939 – a war that was forced on to Germany.  As well, powerful forces worked to destroy the German economy from the time that Hitler became Chancellor of Germany in late January,1933.  Terrible boycotts of German exports were initiated throughout Europe and the US beginning in 1933.  For a nation that needed exports to feed itself, these boycotts were economic warfare directed at the German people.  The amazing economic recovery and prosperity that Germany attained within a few years of adopting the National Socialist economic model are all the more amazing given the orchestrated international boycotts against its exports.

One of the very first things Hitler did when he took power in 1933 was to engage in a massive rearmament program. He banned democracy in Germany, and in the years prior to WWII his armies conquered surrounding nations. This isn’t the the policy of someone interested in peace. It might be said that taking territory was a contributing factor to Germany’s economic recovery, and whilst the sanctions were unquestionable harsh to begin with, let’s not forget why they existed. Germany had been one of the main aggressors in WWI, inflicting tremendous damage and suffering upon its neighbours.

It’s also worth noting that Hitler swiftly linked up with like-minded Italian dictator Mussolini and gave support to Spanish leader Franco prior to the war. Both Mussolini and Franco were brutal, with Franco’s regime overseeing the deaths of at 100,000 of his countrymen, as well as the use of slave labour and concentration camps. Mussolini banned rival political parties to his own in Italy and indulged in violent oppression in Libya, openly espoused fascist views, and went on imperialist adventures in Ethiopia. It’s highly unlikely Hitler was unaware of the characters of the men he allied with, and in fact Hitler shared many of their views.

Enough.  You will either move on as you are not interested, or you might buy some banned books and expand your range of thinking.  Believe me, you will value what you yourself uncover much more than anything I can give you here.  As I said in a recent post: none of us is under any moral obligation to remain in the ranks of the uninformed, the ignorant, or the insane.

I wonder if Larry would be prepared to mention the titles of these banned books? I certainly don’t support ignorance, which is why I tend to find it staggering when people are prepared to throw out huge amounts of information on a whim.


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