The Warlord is Warlord no more

So, there are plans afoot. Big plans. As some of you may know, The Warlord is going to be published – but, there will be changes. Big changes. The title, for one, and what was one long tale on here is being divided. The second part of the story is, on the basis of some feedback, likely to change somewhat.

Don’t get me wrong, much of the overall theme will remain in place, but some characters will have more important roles than they currently do, and how a lot of the threads weave together will change too. You’ll find out the new title later!

I also have to take a bold step. The story cannot remain online here and be published, not under the terms and conditions I’m signing up to. That sucks, I know, but I have to remove The Warlord. That isn’t to say it will never reappear, because that’s certainly possible, but the initial launch has to be clean.

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