The Tory NHS Wish

Having assured us that the NHS wasn’t for sale, the other day Tory MPs shot down a motion to ensure this was definitely the case. Suddenly the prospect is very much alive (what a surprise). Alongside this latest example of Tory deceit was another vote regarding the quality of food and the treatment of animals, which was also vetoed by the Tories.

This current band of Tory MPs that form the government are, beyond any shadow of a doubt, a bunch of self-serving miscreants. They spout slogans (get Brexit done!) to appeal to a populist base, but they purposefully make sure they’re vague. They slip through bills quietly (and the media is complicit in this) designed to erode our rights and protections. For reasons that I just cannot fathom, the major news outlets were not interested in the NHS vote. Surely the Tories leaving the door wide open to selling off the NHS (something we were warned about) should be headline news?

My face when the Tories predictably lie

Why is this not a major issue? Why are we not outraged? The NHS provides care and support to so many people, people who couldn’t hope to afford the eye-watering costs of health care that cripple the average American. We don’t want that kind of ‘profit-before-health’ attitude that prevails over the Atlantic. It would benefit only the Tory toffs, who would get rich off suffering.

Please, make sure people are aware of what’s going on and make sure to be vocal about it. We cannot afford to lose the NHS.

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