The Spin on Tragedy, P2

UPDATE 29/3/23: Shortly after publishing this post, the fundamentalist at Theology Archaeology issued an apology for his remarks. Whilst I do not agree that my statements were unclear, I accept his apology, and removed his name from this post.

I swore to myself I would not respond to the ignorance and deceit of certain, rabid fundamentalists, yet wrapped up within all his dishonest rhetoric was one particular line that left me angry.

Yet he has no qualms about murdering or seeing murdered innocent Christians. He has totally lost it.

Do you see that? The fundie has outright said I would have no problem murdering Christians. He thinks I do not have a problem with seeing Christians murdered.

This is a cowardly and libellous allegation, without basis or merit. It is unlikely that the cowardly fundamentalist will even consider retracting it, but he should, for this is beyond outrageous. I have saved a copy of his post, to preserve his lies, and I am now considering what legal paths I have to hold him to account for his dishonesty (alas, there isn’t much I can do, but it might be worth a look). This is more than mere goading from him, this is a claim that I would actually murder Christians! In case he has forgotten, it was one of his fundamentalist cohorts who openly declared he would kill me if he thought God had told him to!

There’s lots more to unpack from all this. Suffice to say, the staggering dishonesty on display is something I will look into dealing with, via whatever legal means are at my disposal. I’m unlikely to have much joy in that, but despite David’s unreasonable bluster, I would never turn to violence, and never incite others to violence, in order to resolve problems. I can understand the possible motives for what happened in Nashville (I offered only my opinions as to why this terrible tragedy unfolded), but I never wielded that as a justification for it, as David knows, yet he deceives and distorts with his words. I would like to think he might have some integrity, and that he may apologise for his reprehensible remark.

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