The Posts that made me

So I’m shamelessly ripping off an excellent idea from Paul over at The Captain’s Speech, He’s taken a look at what he regards as the major events from his blog over the years, so I thought I’d do the same.

1. Eye-opening Discussions

This one goes back a ways, to the 2nd October 2014, when this site was only a few months old. It’s the most viewed blog entry for that year, and it touches upon a relevant subject – trolls, and how to respond to them. It’s also tinged with a tragic reminder to not become the very thing you object to, something made clearer by this follow-up post.

2. The Toothpaste Talk

In March 2016 my wife sat me down for an important chat about my abuse of toothpaste tubes. I haven’t learned.

3. The Man, the Laptop, and the Stupid

This is another of my earliest posts. I was working for Staples at the time, and I’d often end up dealing with customers who barely had two brain cells to rub together. This guy was own such customer.

4. Normalisation and ‘Manliness’

Posted in July 2016, this wasn’t the first time I dissected the strange articles from the strange realm of MGTOWs and MRAs. To this day, I wonder if they are capable of realising they hurt men’s causes, rather than help them?

5. Good Karma

I remember this. It was the 1st of April 2016, and no, it wasn’t an April Fool’s Day thing. After a long but pleasant day with my wife, daughter, stepdaughter and granddaughter at a wildlife park, the evening turned peculiar and surreal as my stepdaughter and I attempted to help a woman in distress at the local bus station. It turned out she was an alcoholic with form for punching paramedics…

6. The End of an Era

From January 2015, this was the moment that Staples, for me at least, began to unravel. My friend and dare I say, mentor, left the role of store manager and the company, and from then on, my time there was going to be short.

7. Nice to be Immortalised

Over the years I’ve repeatedly sparred with the religious right on a number of subjects, and this was the occasion, in March 2016, when one of them thought they were harming my arguments, when in fact I was happy for the exposure.

8. Misogyny hurts men too

An invitation was extended to explore how misogynistic attitudes did men more harm than good, and I took up that invite in early May, 2016. I stand by the article.

9. A Coalition of the Brave

All the way on the 13th of June 2016 is when the call went out for the Coalition of the Brave, a site which still exists. It needs more attention than it gets, but I’m proud of it, and what it represents. BTW, I’m always on the lookout for contributors.

10. ‘True Trek’

I’m a big Trekkie (anyone who follows this blog will know this), and when I see elements of the fandom take it upon themselves to play silly, divisive games, I feel like I should call them out.

So… It’s less the blog posts that made me, I guess, and more a cross-section of what this blog is about. I might do this again, for there’s a lot more I could say, about a lot more.

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