The Past and Present and Future

I don’t recall the specifics, but the other night I dreamt of my Nan again. I think this is because the other day, she would have turned 100, and her birthday falls right before my daughter’s birthday, who has just turned 10. No one will claim I’m especially spiritual, but the timing of their birthdays, and the milestones they represent, is not lost on me.

I wish my daughter could have known her great-Nan. There are a few photos of them together, but my girl wasn’t even two when my Nan passed. Whatever she knows of my Nan will be through me. I hope I can do that memory justice.

I’ve also been dreaming of returning to work. It’s not a surprise to learn that I’m going stir-crazy, but it seems that soon I’ll be going back. It will be a dramatic shift in routine, one I should probably start preparing for. Early starts won’t exactly be relished, but on the other hand, I’ll have something to do and I’ll be earning again!

There’s not really more I can add. My daughter is 10. I don’t really know how to process that.

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