The Neighbour’s Letter

Today a letter was posted through the letterbox. This is not in itself unusual, but this letter was a handwritten (then photocopied) document, from someone purporting to be a neighbour (who despite apparently being a neighbour had paid for postage). They were writing to ask how everyone was coping in these uncertain times, and then they asked if we would consider turning to God.

Scrolling through the letter, all became clear. They are a Jehovah’s Witness, and as such they are duty-bound (under their perspective) to either give a percentage of everything they earn to their Church, or to work for the Church in some capacity. As they were writing to the locals, I can only assume they don’t have an income (which is not an issue), so they are sending these letters to everyone (which is an issue). Why is it a problem? Because what they’re doing is intrusive. It’s unsolicited. I do not know this neighbour, they have not at any point introduced themselves, and now they are posting letters, and sending religious pamphlets as well (judging from the contents of the letter sent to my address). They do not know the circumstances of my wife and I, and nor do they know the circumstances of anyone else they’ve sent letters and documents to. For all they know, they might have deeply offended people who follow other religions with their attempts to convert.

Therein lies one of my biggest problems with organised religion. There is no respect for boundaries. The believer is determined to inject their beliefs upon everyone else, even going as far as to push their beliefs into the homes of others, whether it is asked for or not. If I wish to explore a religion, I’ll seek it out. I do not appreciate it being thrust upon me.

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