The Meerkat Muse – 24/02/2021

Welcome ‘kats, to the latest round of Meerkat Musings!

What’s been happening? Well, NASA successfully landed Perseverance on Mars, only to find someone waiting…

Ahem. Jokes aside, this is pretty special, considering the launch, trip and landing have been handled during a time of social distancing and the pandemic. Congratulations to NASA for this amazing achievement, I hope it yields answers to the question – was there life on Mars?!

There are those who criticise the efforts spent to explore the cosmos, but the cost of these projects are but a fraction of what governments spend on militaries, and the technology often ends up having earthly applications. Plus, how can expanding our knowledge of the universe ever be a bad thing?!

The snow has come and completely gone – I am not too upset to see it go. It’s lovely to look at, not so much fun to walk in, especially as it turns to freezing ice.

Oh Nintendo…

I lamented my recent experience of watching a Nintendo Direct announcement, one I had hoped might reveal news of Breath of the Wild 2. Alas, Nintendo’s only mention of the hotly anticipated sequel was to say there wouldn’t be any news. Grr! Instead they announced a HD update of what is in my view my least-favourite Zelda title, Skyward Sword.

A bit melodramatic? Maybe, but I’m not a fan of Skyward Sword. The story was great, but the game itself left a lot to be desired for a number of reasons. This is a big year for Zelda, so please Nintendo, bring your A game!

Warm(ish) Weather

In an unusual plot twist, the weekend weather was mild enough for this meerkat to wander outside on Saturday without his thick winter coat, and at one stage I went as far as remove the jumper I had on. Sunday produced similar weather. I’m not complaining, for I’m not a fan of the cold, but somehow February has given us both subzero temperatures and then bright, pleasant blue skies. Tell me again how global warming isn’t real?

I can’t help but fear a fresh cold snap is around the corner.

The Beginning of the End

On Monday Boris Johnson announced a road map to ending lockdown. Schools are set to reopen on the 8th of March, and non-essential businesses will open in mid-April, assuming the trend is for cases of Covid-19 to decline. The vaccine program is being ramped up, with the hope being every eligible adult will have had at least one of the two doses by the end of July, and both doses by the end of October. Should this prove true, we might – might – get a normalish Christmas. A lot can happen between now and then, but let’s keep everything crossed shall we? In the short term, nothing really changes for me. I’ll continue to go to work, albeit I won’t see any customers, and will continue to have days on my own – long, lonely days. I’ll have to grin and bear it, for the alternative is being furloughed, which I don’t want.

Matt Hancock, the Health Secretary, breached laws regarding contracts surrounding PPE and it feels like very few corners of the media are holding him to account. This is just the latest in a string of actions that show how the Tories hold democracy in contempt, and how no one is truly standing up to them. Keir Starmer, Labour leader, has refused to call for Hancock’s resignation, which is hardly surprising – Starmer is a lame duck of an opposition leader, a Tory in Labour clothing, and utterly useless. A proper opposition that kept pressure on the incompetent mob we have for a government, might have achieved something by now. Under Starmer, Labour will go nowhere and Johnson’s stupidity and cruelty will go unchallenged.

Hancock recently had the nerve to suggest he and his team deserve thanks for their efforts. In what universe do they deserve thanks? The UK has the highest death toll in Europe!

Physical Labour

On Tuesday I helped dissemble a shower enclosure and put it back together again. Somehow I managed to be of use. I often feel I am useless at physical endeavours, so to be able to come through this without having damaged anything or injuring myself was a result. There hopefully won’t be a cause to do it again any time soon!

The Awakening…

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Until next time friends!

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