The ‘Manosphere’

There’s a backlash coming. A backlash against feminism by men who espouse masculinity. They are the true protectors of manhood and manliness, steadfast in the face of unrelenting pressure from feminism to psychologically castrate men. Welcome to the holders of the Sacred Red Pill, and keepers of the flame of the Manosphere.


Yeah, there was sarcasm in the above.

Come on guys. We’re better than this, aren’t we? Do we even really know what being masculine is? If it means ‘treat ’em mean to keep ’em keen’ then I don’t want to know. If it means be totally insular and not giving due consideration to 50% of the human race then I don’t want to know. If it means thinking that being capable of emotion and having the capacity to consider the thoughts of others is deemed wrong and ‘unmanly’, then paint me unmanly.

I have a better idea. How about we behave like gentlemen? Let’s treat everyone with respect. Let’s move away from tired, outdated thinking. Let’s not assume that every act of kindness toward a woman entitles us to something. Let’s not believe that a woman flirting with us is an invitation to have them, regardless of whether they’ve consented (and this extends to the clothing they wear and how much they’ve had to drink). How about we don’t condemn women who want casual sex? After all, men who do it are more or less celebrated! It’s either that or we condemn the men who do it too.

The problem with the manosphere is that it takes a horribly distorted vision of feminism, and then goes after it. The Red Pill philosophy is based upon entitlement. It’s founded on the idea that society somehow owes these men something, whilst simultaneously attacking their twisted version of feminism for wanting the same.

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