The Greatest Ludus P1

Titus Norbanus Nepos awoke before his wife, and spent a few minutes watching her sleep. She always slept closer to the portal, so she could take advantage of the cool breezes that took the edge off the hot Rome sun. That sun was now rising, and as it did the light grazed her auburn hair and cast a gentle glow. With a sigh Nepos tore himself away from his wife, casting back the thin silk sheet that was coiled around his legs and slowly pushed himself out of bed.

He stifled a yawn as he stepped slowly toward the doorway, and rubbed his eyes as he trod onto the polished marble floor. The short corridor to the baths was permanently in shade, something Nepos was particularly grateful for at the moment. Another yawn rose up and this one escaped, as he started to pour cold water from old copper jugs into the pool. He would only use three or four with which to quickly wash himself (as much as he wanted a long soak, that would have to wait).

After washing, Nepos studied himself in the small (yet expensive) mirror that decorated the wall. He was sure that strands of silver were creeping their way into his short brown hair, despite his young age. And he was sure that his dark blue eyes revealed his inner turmoil.

Aside from that, physically he was in good shape. Not particularly imposing, but there was at least some definition there. He didn’t possess a rippling six-pack, but his stomach was smooth, toned, and his abs firm and strong. If only his mind were feeling the same way.

“The view from behind is quite pleasing on the eyes.” Came a soft yet playful voice. Nepos smiled, despite himself, as he turned around.

His wife, Etruscilla, smiled back. “And the view from the front is quite satisfying too.”

Norbana Etruscilla, standing wearing nothing but the skin the gods had given her, looked ravishing. Her hair, which somehow never looked anything other than perfect, flowed over her shoulders, and didn’t seem to move even as she sauntered toward her husband.

“My own view is not without its appeal.” He replied, all of a sudden feeling torn. His wife had awoken into a playful mood, yet his time was precious today. Part of him wanted to indulge his beloved, and that desire was only aroused further when she slowly brushed past him, her dark brown eyes twinkling with mischief.

Etruscilla climbed into the water, less than knee deep, and took another jug. She took a deep breath, and poured it over herself. The cold water made her shiver, brought her skin out into goosebumps, and made other things stand out even more.

Nepos closed his eyes. “Etruscilla, I…”

“Hush, my husband. If you are about to say you don’t have time for me, it would be wiser for you to not utter those words.” Her voice was a bit louder now- between lust and irritation.

Nepos gulped. He saw the passion in his wife’s eyes, and he knew from past experience that when those eyes held anger it would not end well for him.

Now Etruscilla took his hands in her own. “You are worried my husband. Today is an important day. Do not be worried. You are a man of greatness, and you will make your father proud. If those pompous bastards have to wait a short while longer for you, then so be it… for now you need to make your wife proud…” She placed his hands upon her breasts, and placed her own hands on his hips, and kissed him, and all his worries melted away…

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