The Fandom Menace Laid Bare

I’ve recently on Twitter of attempts to suggest the people behind the #WeAreStarfleet hashtag are awful. If we are to accept that, then the perpetrators of that suggestion, the self-styled #FandomMenace, should take a look at themselves, for their behaviour is no better.

Exhibit A:

This ‘charming’ response to Fibble..

More from Fibble…

There are numerous comments for Rian Johnson (director of The Last Jedi) to ‘drop dead’. There are disgusting tweets regarding Carrie Fisher.

There are the ‘fans’ who proudly harassed Kelly Marie Tran (Rose from The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker) off Instagram with their openly anti-women agenda.

There’s been racist and sexist commentary directed at the cast of Star Trek Discovery, even before the show had aired.

There’s a lot more, and there be a follow-up post in the future, but this is what I shall leave you with for now. All too-often I see the Fandom Menace aligning to the alt-right, with anti-BLM and pro-Trump messages that betray their true colours. Many of them have lied repeatedly about the demise of the new Star Trek shows, and won’t recant their dishonesty, despite being proven wrong repeatedly.

Don’t fall for their rhetoric.

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