The F1 2009 Game Diary – Season 3 Round 17: Abu Dhabi

wpid-1280px-circuit_yas-island.svg_.pngWell, having begun this particular journey back in 2014, earlier today the three-season career that F1 2009 gives you came to an end.

The race was a satisfying conclusion to the adventure of running a full career mode with full-length races, with a pole that was won quite easily and a race that could not have gone better. I lost out ever so briefly at the start to Mark Webber, but got by him on the second lap and never looked back. In the end, I was able to drive a smooth, composed race, often lapping four seconds or so a lap faster than everyone else.

In truth, it was a boring race for me. I cruised it, deciding to push for faster and faster laps every now and then, but by and large simply seeking to get through the race and lap slower cars without hitting them. It was by and large a trouble-free experience, right up until the end of lap 55, when I claimed my 32 win in in 51 races, with 39 pole positions. I’m pretty pleased, and pleased to have completed this ride! So, what’s the next challenge?

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