The F1 2009 Game Diary – Season 3 Round 16: Brazil

wpid-wp-1447423133113.pngThe penultimate round of my little career concluded earlier on, with yet another wet race at Interlagos.

My previous two attempts to win this grand prix failed, with the conditions proving tricky on tyres – a three stop strategy was the way to go, but intermediate tyres don’t fare too well even on a three stopper, so the race would be a challenge.

Having qualified on pole, I felt reasonably confident of at least challenging for a win, but a slow start saw me drop to third and trail the battling duo of Webber and Barichello until lap 6, when I was able to close in and sweep by both of them on the start-finish straight. I tried to build up a gap that would allow me to retain the lead after the first round of stops, but the aforementioned tyre troubles meant I ended up behind the two of them after the stops had sorted themselves out.

In championship terms, I was on course to be champion – Button had been knocked out of qualifying in Q2, and had clawed his way back into the points but he was well behind me – so winning the race wasn’t crucial, but I had hoped to win at a venue I had failed at twice before. I wasn’t trailing by too much, but after the second round of stops I’d make a mistake that would end my hopes of victory.

Whilst attempting to sweep by Hamilton, Vettel, Webber and Barichello (backmarkers had held the leaders up), I ended up going into the back of someone and had to serve a ten second stop-go penalty. The time lost to this meant I was never going to win, so instead the focus had to be on finishing ahead of Button.

This was straight-forward enough, I needed a two point (or more) gain on him to guarantee the title, and I was running in fifth after the final set of stops, whilst Button was in seventh. I was closing in on Hamilton but ultimately I didn’t push too hard. I just had to see the race out.

After 71 laps, I came home in fifth, and in doing so won my third title. With the championship mine, I could relax and look forward to enjoying the finale!

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