‘The Cure is not from Science’

I mean, obviously the cure isn’t from science… it’s not like the processes to find how to neutralise Covid-19 were developed by painstaking study, study that was built upon decades, indeed centuries, of research and learning. The fields of chemistry and biology clearly contributed nothing to the vaccines.

This short article is based on the few words we found in the title “Believe in science:” EU kicks off COVID-19 vaccine campaign” No matter what is said about the vaccine, science did not create it. And it won’t be science that keeps people from getting the disease.

We have encountered that type of thinking before. Usually, it is used on believers who put down science and its many accomplishments. But science is a non-thinking, non-knowing, et al, entity. it has no powers whatsoever.

Science is indeed not a living entity. However the scientists who have worked long and hard (often in very difficult conditions) to develop the vaccines have followed… guess what? THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD.

Take my step-son’s girlfriend. She is a talented professional who works in this kind of field. She’s a bioinformatician and PhD candidate working for Imperial in London. She’s often one of (and quite possible ‘the’) smartest people in the room wherever she goes. What David is doing is to dismiss her work (and the work of thousands of others around the world), simply because he cannot see the wood for the trees.

This may sound like being nitpicky but we do not believe that science should get the credit for anything. Science does not have a brain to do anything. What makes science work are the following ingredients

  1. God-given raw materials
  2. God-given intelligence
  3. God created humans

Science has done nothing that God has not already done or provided for. It takes God created humans with God-given intelligence to investigate different raw materials and put them together in the order they needed to create the vaccine.

Wait… when has God directly provided the cure for a disease? When did God step in to actually put a stop to Covid-19? Even if we accept the idea of God being the Creator of humanity, why use this to deny the efforts of the many humans who have put in the hard work and effort to create a cure?

For that matter, if science has done nothing, why bother developing a cure at all?

If you take the vaccine and it works for you or your loved ones, it is not science you should thank nor is it science you should believe in. It is God who should get the glory and be believed in because he has provided all the raw materials we have ever needed for anything that is man-made.

If the vaccine doesn’t work for you or your loved one, it is not God’s fault. The world is full of people who reject God and his guiding hand. They walk according to a different master’s instructions and influence.

This is too much. God deserves the credit for other peoples’ hard work if the vaccine works, but if it doesn’t work, God doesn’t get the blame? Curious line of reasoning that…

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