The Creation Cowboy

Cowboy is appropriate. Here’s what he has to say about atheists. I discovered his post (and site) via my good friend Bruce Gerencser, who offered up some thoughts of his own on this cowboy.

Those “freethinkers’ marching in lockstep, getting their “facts” from atheopath talking points clearinghouses, seem determined to argue with Christians and creationists about practically everything. Can’t let those st00pid dujmb theist be right, especially when they have corrected us on science, logic, theology, or anything else. Nosiree! Although I should not feed these attention-craving trolls, this is a good opportunity to do a bit of teaching.

Teaching eh? Interesting. He had the chance to ‘school’ me in the comments, but declined, which to be fair, does not surprise me. I’d love to know precisely what Cowboy’s positions are – Young Earth Creationism? That was debunked a long time ago. Evolution is a demonstrated quantity.

Cowboy (in his post at least), takes aim at dark matter. Dark matter is a theorised form of matter that would explain why the observable universe looks and behaves in the way it does. It is a theory that may or not pan out, as is the case of many theories. However, should dark matter not be the explanation to some of these mysteries, does that mean we automatically substitute it for God?

Of course not. Once upon a time, people worshipped the sun, and then we learned what the sun is. Once, people believed the earth was flat, and we learned otherwise. Once, people believed in the Four Humours, and then we learned this was flawed. Once, people thought the earth was the centre of the universe, and now we know better.

Science is about learning. It’s about observation, theorising, and testing. It is constantly being updated and tested. Science does not claim have all the answers – science looks for answers, and does not ignore data. If a theory is proved wrong, it can still lead to new lines of reasoning. Just because we cannot explain everything right now, doesn’t mean to say that we never will, or that we assume ‘God did it’.

Furthermore, which version of which God? As I asked in the comments, What ‘truth’ do you think you tell? Why is yours more valid than that of any other religion? Cowboy’s response?

…and now the “put the st00pid dujmb theist on the defensive” trick. How about reading and finding out?

In other words, he cannot answer.

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