The Bi-Weekly Meerkat Muse – 12/11/20 (a day late)

I began this post on the 2nd of November, the day before the pivotal US Presidential Election. At the beginning of this entry I am unaware of who would win, though hoping that America as a whole would vote blue, overwhelming Trump and his sheep with a tidal wave of votes. Will I be looking back and feeling elated or will I be dismayed, as I was four years ago?

Aside from the election, I am approaching becoming a year older. My birthday will be spent in lockdown, as Johnson has finally listened to the experts and taken steps to save lives – something he was being advised to do six weeks ago, but better late than never right? Right?! The end result of this all is that we might save Christmas. Or we’ll end up in a longer lockdown. As usual there is absolutely zero certainty about anything.

Always Remember

The 11/11/2020 marked 102 years since the end of World War I. It is frightening to think that there are very few people alive who will recall this terrible conflict (if indeed, anyone is left alive who remembers it), which makes it all the more important that we keep the memories alive in ourselves. We must remember, so that we never repeat the mistakes that led to the devastating war.

The US Election is over

Joe Biden has won enough electoral votes to win the White House, Congress and the Senate are finely poised, and Biden has in fact won the popular vote more convincingly than Hiliary Clinton did four years ago… And meanwhile the Tangerine Tyrant is refusing to concede, citing unfounded allegations of fraud. Trump plans to drag the results of a number of states through the courts, though it’s painfully clear this is a desperate move by a desperate man. Without the protection of office Trump will be vulnerable to various legal proceedings, and he will fade into obscurity, something I believe terrifies him.

Meet King!

This fellow is from a Disney show called The Owl House, and I drew him because I dare say he’s quite easy to draw! King is (or was) ruler of demons, and now he is a… companion, I, guess, of Eda the Owl Lady and Eda’s human charge Luz. This show has captivated my daughter (it’s about witches, so it was always likely to), and I dare say she finds Luz relatable, in that Luz is quite happy in her own company and my daughter, whilst not lacking in friends, likes her own company too.

I can also relate to this. Sometimes I am quite content to have a spell of quiet time, without conversation and without going anywhere or doing anything. This might involve reading, thinking, or website work. If I’m at work I like to focus on a few work-related bits and pieces. Don’t get me wrong, I will talk to people if they talk to me, but sometimes I don’t feel like talking, and it’s not because I’m not feeling happy, I’m just happy in my own company.

Pokemon Go, meet Pokemon Home

Not exactly major news, but the long-awaited link between these two Pokemon systems is finally in place… aaaaaand there are many annoying catches. For starters you have to be a certain minimum level on Go to transfer Pokemon to Home. Secondly, it appears that transferring Pokemon will cost either in-game resources or actual money, depending on circumstances. Finally, you won’t be able to dump all the rare Pokemon you caught on Go into Home and from there into Sword and Shield (which is the endgame of all this). In short, the link is almost pointless, not to mention far more tedious than originally hoped.

Writing Progress

Over the last couple of weeks the story that started out as The Awakening has developed into something with more sophistication. Quite where this will lead I don’t know. We’re looking at a re-write that will see a lot of elements pan out in the same way, but also with a lot of new stuff as well. I have absolutely no idea when I’ll be done, but sooner or later, the redux will arrive.

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